Nadine Josephine

Glorified Love Guru

Hey love, I'm stoked to see your beautiful face here. I'm Nadine, and while there's many things that can be said about me, I'll say first I'm am ecstatically married to the love of my life J, and mum to two beautiful children, Elise, Noah and two pups Ruby and Mick. I'm a nostalgic, sentimental who finds happiness in old world aesthetics, learning something new (currently, floristry and astronomy because children) and always with a book in hand. I've been surrounded by great, talented and beautiful women all my life so I like to be as much an advocate for them as I can be.

I grew up listening, day dreaming and watching love stories, songs and movies. My grandparents and parents marriages add up to 140 years of the real deal. It was the biggest part of my life, love. Eventually I realized it was also something I needed to be a part of my career, and the only thing I ever wanted to surround myself with.

It also kind of became my goal for my couples too. I want to surround you with beauty, happiness, new experiences and preserve your story like you know you deserve. So instead of taking on a client type relationship, I like to look at it as collaborating. Not only documenting a time in your life, but making real memories while we do it. A beautiful match of genuine journalism and orchestrated fine art.

I hope I get a chance to tell your story with you,

Fun Facts



The Name

My middle name is Josephine. "Jo" after my maternal grandmother, who I adored (pictured on the home page!) Darling has always been what my loved ones call one another, or "my favourite" which is also the definition of darling.


The Key to Perfect Portraits Is...

Show how much you're in love. Don't pay attention to things you don't like about yourself. The camera don't care. I don't care. Focus on who you're with, and why you're there. That, is what really shows up in your photos.


The Education

I taught myself film photography at 15, and have been using digital for almost 10 years (with a two year stint of university in between). I moved from hobbiest to professional in 2015.


The Wardrobe

I adore women's suits, clothes that have lots of texture or statement pieces, any anything that resembles a subtle reminder of the 1940's.


The Inspiration

Literally everything, but mostly beautifully told stories, eclectic designed spaces, but also other forms of art.


Born & Raised

Cottbus, Germany | Rocky Mountain House, AB | Red Deer, AB | Edmonton, AB | Calgary, AB + Vancouver, BC


The Favourites

I love the classics, classic movies, books, music. I am equally a dog and cat person.


Self Care

My best self care day is taking myself on a date to an art gallery or museum and then a B movie with popcorn and flask of rosé.


The Goals

Live in France, start a non profit, build our forever house, have more tiny humans & animals, be a person who runs in the morning & own a tiny flower shop when I'm an old bitty.


Not Many People Know This But...

I secretly paint and illustrate.


The Drinks of Choice

I hate most teas, am a coffee snob, and drink of choice is vodka diet, tequila, or a nice cold Stella.


I'm a big fan of making friends

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