Intimate Wedding & Portraits for the Hopeless at Heart



Artist, B Movie Fanatic & Tequila Expert

I’m a hopeless, die hard romantic to the death. The how we met’s, finding sentimental’s in a bar napkin. I mean, there’s more to me than just that but really, I’m a junkie. I’m an obsess over your invitations, want to be best friends with your mother person.

To me, your portraits are art. It is personal. It’s emotional, and overwhelming and heartbreaking. My favourite thing in the world, truly. Something I’ve spent a lifetime learning and perfecting. Watching beautiful people fall in love with each other, over and over again.


-  W&R

“I don’t know about you, but I’m a person who more or less hates getting my photo taken. And my fiancé even more so. In other events I’ve had the typical shoots done, only to discover I smiled too big or I shouldn’t have worn blue.

Having photos done by Nadine is something I’ll now forever prefer. She has a way of capturing those moments you wish someone had a camera for and was following you around but would be completely ruined by an impromptu selfie with those you love.

The technicalities matters more than you think in terms of lighting and colours and what to wear, so I recommend following her advice, however, no matter, she’ll capture the love and fulfillment of your life in its most intimate moments. You forget she’s there, until you get the photos back. And when you see them again, you don’t remember getting your photo taken, you just remember how you felt in that experience.”

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